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Shake It Off! (credit to swiftsugg for base psd)

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emma swan + mattering to Killian 

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Swan Meme: [2/4] Relationships


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"If you love them and they love you, they will  a l w a y s  find you.”


Yay ! I finally reach my first 1K followers! thank you so much to everyone that follow me lately or since the beginning and that are still here in this messy ouat stuffs that became my blog.

I’m glad I’ve know such beautiful blogs and wonderful people and some of them made my experience here even better. I made great friends and even if there’s distance between us, it’s feel like I’ve known you forever. Thanks again for being in such a beautiful part in my life.

Below are my favorite blogs that I love seeing on my dash, some of them make funny posts, beautiful posts or made my day with such great Game of thrones and American Horror story posts. I am beyond blessed to have found them. I am a part of once upon a time fandom since a year ago, and beside the wars and difficult moments, we all went through the hiatuses with Fics/Spoilers/Theories and mostly the fangirl with new pictures of all my favorite characters. I feel so very happy today to be in the Captain swan fandom. I won’t deny that I’ve also spent such great time with people from Outlaw Queen fandom and from other fandoms. Thank you.

The baes that own a very special place in my heart

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People I like and that I'd like to know more :)

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+blogroll! Sorry if I forgot anyone, just tell me and I’m gonna change it :)

Ouat cast doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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